Is buying an air cooler for 12400 worth it?

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2022.01.22 10:54 Ok_Jacket3710 Is buying an air cooler for 12400 worth it?

Am planning to get 12400 getting a cooler worth it or should it just go with stock and spend the money on other parts
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2022.01.22 10:54 doesntliveinquebec linux

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2022.01.22 10:54 JessicaMelissaGold Coffee Lounge - Cafe Lounge

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2022.01.22 10:54 BruhM0ment00000 the ultimate neo nazi flag

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2022.01.22 10:54 Mink1477 I wanna make a total drama Reddit Redo! Help me cast the first 22 players :)

I have been planning a total drama Island till pakhitew redo! Making it our own universe. My question is, what pkayers should be in season 1? (Can be from island to rr) after ur guys feedback, ill make the cast!
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2022.01.22 10:54 Rathurue [RF4S] So have anyone figured out what's causing the Sharance Maze map bug?

Title. I'm already past Arc 3, married with children and pretty much well-off with gold, but exploring Sharance without map is pretty much my only issue with the game. Sure, you can just equip Rosary to enter Boss Rush mode, and doing so prevents the memory overflow crash...
But man, all those free chests...
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2022.01.22 10:54 Old-Middle-4648 Jeremy Grantham predicts the US 'superbubble' will pop, wiping out $35 trillion in stocks and housing. Here are the 11 best quotes from his new note. (Note #5)

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2022.01.22 10:54 PhillyKS78 Got COVID as a Lyft Driver? See how amazingly they support you as a Driver!

So, January 1st (Happy New Year!) I started feeling sick, COVID sick, so I immediately took myself off the road until Monday when I could go get tested. By Monday the 3rd, I felt so horrible that I new what it was, and started taking steps that I knew I needed to take, including emailing Lyft and letting them know that I was sick and that I suspected COVID-19. I have to say I was very impressed with the response!
I was immediately deactivated for 14 days, and since I rent my car from Lyft, they offered immediately to waive 2 weeks of rental fees. I was also asked to provide a positive COVID test, which I did. Even more impressive was that I was told I would receive a one-time $500 cash payment to assist me financially during my illness, while I couldn't work. So far, I have received $125 of that and I have been assured repeatedly that the remaining balance was on the way and should be here "Any time".
Seems great! Thanks for having my back, Lyft! Hold on though, it doesn't end here!
So to recap, the following happened-

Good guy Lyft saves the day! Right?, actually. Let's talk about what really happened....
Rental fees? Not waived. Remember where I said I received $125 of the $500? What happened here, was they adjusted the payout by the amount of the previous week's rental, which after taxes and fees came out to $325 and deposited the difference. I asked about this daily from the time it was offered, and each time I was told "It takes 3-5 business days for this to arrive in your account", and that "I assure you, it's on the way and should be there any time" by Phoenix, Lizzy and Tamara.
It wasn't until I received an e-mail yesterday that Express Drive wanted my car to be returned and that they tried to reach me by phone (They didn't, I checked). Luckily they left a number and I called it. I was connected with an agent that was friendly and tried to help, but ended up taking a little heat when he informed me that my $500 COVID relief payment was applied toward last week's rental fees, and that I am required to return the vehicle.
The Agent did inform me that since I am a long-standing good customer of Express Drive, that I qualify for a "Debt Forgiveness Program", where they will apply the $250 deposit I placed on my rental toward the balance owed (Remember, the rental fees that were supposed to be waived?), and the remaining balance would be wiped clear of my account, restoring me back to having the ability to rent their car. With another $250 deposit.
So to summarize;
I felt sick and suspected COVID-19
I notified Lyft and took a test
I was deactivated
I was offered 2 weeks of waived rental fees by Lyft through Express Drive
I submitted a positive test result
I was offered $500
I received $125
I must return my rental to the hub
Because they did not waive the fees
And $325 of my COVID-19 Relief payment was applied toward the rental fees that were supposed to be waived
I have been offered a Debt Forgiveness Plan for the fees that have gone unpaid
And can rent again after an additional $250 deposit

I took this to Twitter to see if the support team there was as amazing as everyone says they are. They are not. As a matter of fact, they got my info, reviewed the complaint in less than 5 minutes and then sent me the same results, and then ignored me. (In all fairness, my first response to them after they told me that -I- was wrong and what support says is the correct resolution was "This is bullshit").
So basically, I was lied to, mislead by several agents at Lyft support, stolen from and basically mugged. Now, Lyft is going to find themselves tangled up with a Marine Corps Veteran who is sitting in a cold ass house because he can't afford to pay for gas to turn on the central heat, what that $325 would have gone to, and I would have worked this weekend to make money, but every penny I make (total over $700 now) would go toward the rental fees that were promised to be waived.
So Lyft, thank you for humbling me today. Thanks for stealing from me. Thanks for lying to me. Thanks for showing me that every negative thing everyone has said about you and your business practices are true.
If anyone wants to see how this all unfolded word for word, I will gladly forward screen shots of the emails, or of there's enough interest I will post them here. This needs to be seen so that others don't believe this asshole company the way I did.
Fix this, Lyft. I promise you I'm not going away quietly after this, you screwed me. I'm cold, I'm hungry and now? I'm unemployed because of your incompetence and your failure to correct your mistakes. I have every promise you made to me in writing. Every detail chronicled by you to show what an absolute sham of an operation you are.
It's time for someone to knock you people out of the market and come in with the ethical and proper business practices you once practiced. So, I hope that happens soon, and I'm going to play my part, no matter how small in making it a reality.
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2022.01.22 10:54 jlyfshhh What's your favorite podcast?

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2022.01.22 10:54 psoonkyu 스톱모션

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2022.01.22 10:54 youalreadyknow89 Day 358

7 days will be a year I have come a long fucking way and am proud of myself…from being at the lowest of lows to now at the highest of highs thank you to everyone in here for all the posts #fuckgambling
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2022.01.22 10:54 ekorba M&A accounting - basic question

What happens to the three statements when company A buys company B for £100m? Assume 50% cash 50% debt, debt amortised over 5 years. I'd appreciate any help.
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2022.01.22 10:54 automation_bot1337 WhatsApp down again? No messages go trough, I am in Germany

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2022.01.22 10:54 AzureSunSoul SOTD Game Changer and Dark Florals

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2022.01.22 10:54 Hellsong26 Bird battle on the Bow River (01/20/22) (Are those golden eagles around the Baldy?)

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2022.01.22 10:54 kamarkamakerworks Thich Nhat Hanh absolutely and purely changed my outlook on life with his words.

Being still today for him.
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2022.01.22 10:54 lalalinzee In-laws are coming today

...and I just really was not in the mood for a visit.
My massage therapist just emailed me saying she has an opening at the exact time they are visiting.
The heavens have parted and I am now getting a massage while my husband and baby spend quality time with the in-laws.
Angel choir
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2022.01.22 10:54 Dublumax360RO I swear if they touch any of the cod games-

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2022.01.22 10:54 Awkward_Ad_2802 Não sei se isso vai render ;-

Estava tentando achar maneiras de ganhar uma graninha, nada extraordinário, uns 100 pila por mês já me ajudava muito, só pra dar um rolê sem precisar pedir grana pros pais, saca ?
Tentei entrar nessa parada de NFT, mas não sei como vai ser kkkk. Se alguém tiver alguma dica de como ganhar uns 100 pila por mês, ou mais, com algo de internet, adoraria escutar.
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2022.01.22 10:54 gmatom The best Wisconsin phrases, captured in cross-stitch, inspired by Charlie Berens

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2022.01.22 10:54 sistamaryclarence Need suggestions please

I’m looking to trade in my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee I recently bought. It’s been less than dependable and it really makes me worried that my engine will fail, etc. As for a new car, I’m really not sure what to get. I like the idea of a something fast again, but maybe not an SUV. I don’t really need the space. Does anyone have suggestions? Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are definitely what I’m leaning toward. Thank you.
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2022.01.22 10:54 elegantloveglimmer Keqing in battle (TorinoAqua) [Genshin Impact]

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2022.01.22 10:54 GagaMiya Shoebox to Switzerland - Cost?

Hi everyone, the shipping calculator says it's about $70 for shipping a shoebox (with shoes) to Switzerland. Does anyone here have any experience with this?
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2022.01.22 10:54 Departedart Dagon smoking a bong (The Tower)

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2022.01.22 10:54 TheRomanRuler Looking for mod recommendations to add color to Skyrim

i am considering buying Skyrim. Altough its legendary game, i still have not played it. But i am really turned off by colorless look of the game, everything is grey or brown.
What are best mods to add color to the game? I don't mind if it changes entire visual style of the game, but i would like to experience vanilla story.
I don't need need graphical quality upgrades, unless it can be done without perfomance impact.
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