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Girl survives heavy snowstorm by hugging a dog, Russian state TV reports

2022.01.22 12:43 ICumCoffee Girl survives heavy snowstorm by hugging a dog, Russian state TV reports

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2022.01.22 12:43 Brave_Procedure_3482 Pumpkin man by Justin Sims @ Gold Cathedral - KCMO

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2022.01.22 12:43 augustana2021 my fathers family is hiding that i have an aunt

i never knew that i had an aunt i always thought that my father is the oldest of my uncles and aunts till the day my cousin (my uncle son's, all my uncles are living abroad) he came back to the original country and he was talking about this other aunt and how she wants to meet my grandparents but my eldest aunts won't let her meet them, honestly i thought that it was a normal issue like every problem in families i was 13 back then
now i'm 21 ago and three months ago i was sitting with my old grandpa trying to pass time with him talking about politics, the postman ringed the door and i opened for him and he said you've got a letter from abroad here is the letter, i took the letter and told my grandma (she can't read or write) that she received a letter from abroad she asked me to open it for her i said it was from the insurance company (at that time i didn't know the sender) my grandpa came and told me to read it for him and then i opened the letter and i was shocked it was my family name followed by a female name i've never heard of it idk what took me but i still lied to my grandfather and told him it's the insurance company (he believed but my grandma didn't)
and now my other aunt (who live with us in the country) asked me to lie to her and tell her that it's just the insurance company and i did
now my grandparents are growind old and i'm afraid i ruined a chance of their daughters telling them sorry and wanting to see them after 30years.
my other aunts read the letter and said that i have to lie they forced me to do it and my father knew that she sent a letter and was very angry and he said "don't brag me into this "
now i don't know what should i do i feel like i have wasted the chance of my other aunt talking to her parents before they die...
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2022.01.22 12:43 ashahack I’m a social media hacker I can hack / Snapchat’s , Instagram, Facebook and more message me if your interested £$

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2022.01.22 12:43 NoUnderstanding5830 [Seeking] Boost from G4 to P4

I'm searching someone from EUW to duo with me and help me to get out of G4. I'm actually stuck because of many reasons that everybody knows, and I would like to get some help to reach plat !
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2022.01.22 12:43 supremechad12 finalizado por ahora

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2022.01.22 12:43 BackyardBuddhaGaming How do you feel about Throwing Axes?

View Poll
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2022.01.22 12:43 ryppyotsa Paavo Väyrynen ajoi ojaan

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2022.01.22 12:43 duck_ducker_of_doom title

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2022.01.22 12:43 Wilburrkins [ENTRY] unSkrambl - 1000 Pieces - The Florist - Continuing my resolution to try new to me brands - Really enjoyed this one!

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2022.01.22 12:43 dogluvr03 Episode where they were talking about height

I'm trying to find a relatively recent episode where I think they were looking at a post from this sub, I might be wrong but they were analyzing a picture of one of the Friday group photos and there were their height predictions written in the photo. Does anyone know which ep I'm talking about? I'm pretty sure it was in the last few months
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2022.01.22 12:43 Xoticnova Follow for follow on TikTok? Like for like?

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2022.01.22 12:43 Fitted404 Still no update….a week later. Should I be worried? Mr. Hou

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2022.01.22 12:43 T-1-4-1 Petition to change magazine Owen Gun

Upvote for visibility.
Can we please get a different magazine for the Owen Gun Drum magazine. Preferably something like the posh or the automaton. It takes up half the screen.
There is a work around with the slate/2.5 toggle scope. But I hate the toggle I always press down on the left analog by accident when shooting.
Alternatively can we at least get a different button option for the toggle/hybrid sight. Or maybe hold for toggle or something. This way the gun could stay the same but you have to option for toggle or press to switch sights.
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2022.01.22 12:43 hyaacinthus My Ono has crossed the rainbow bridge, farewell buddy 💔💕

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2022.01.22 12:43 GusaXdd Ayuda pls

Hola, hace unos meses cambié mi cuenta de Minecraft a una cuenta de Microsoft para tener la capa y lo que pasó fue que ese día pude jugar con la capa (cuenta premium) pero desde el día siguiente hasta hoy no he podido iniciar sesión con esa cuenta. Alguien sabe a qué se debe? pd: No me deja meter ni mi anterior correo ni contraseña
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2022.01.22 12:43 Denkschnecke Stellenanzeigen von Pflegepersonal in Zeitung fake?

Am 16.3. kommt die berufsbezogene Impfpflicht und es gehen Fotos von seitenweise Stellengesuchen rum. Sind die wirklich echt? Ein Reporter hat wohl mal die angebenen Telefonnummern angerufen und niemanden erreicht (bei manchen Nummern kam kein Rufsignal und einmal soll ein Mann geantwortet haben). Ich habe mal gegoogelt und komme für mich auf keine logische Erklärung. Also frage ich euch Warum, Wieso, Weshalb? Was ist der Sinn?
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2022.01.22 12:43 Space-cats7 When did symptoms post 2nd shot kick in for you?

I’ve just taken the 2nd dose of Pfizer.
I took the second dose of Pfizer yesterday 21st January 2022 at 6:15pm 10 weeks after my first dose.
I took my first dose of Pfizer on 15th November and had 0 side effects except for a sore arm.
Within 3 hours of taking the vaccine I had loose stools, and it’s still present 21 hours after my second vaccine. I have also felt pain at the injection site but no swelling or redness. The only other symptom I am feeling is Fatigue.
I’m coming up to 24 hours post 2nd shot, and I’m wondering: is this it?
Am I going to get hit with headaches, fever etc in a couple of hours like everyone seems to be talking about?
When did your side effects kick in? 12 hours post vax? 24 hours? 48 hours?
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2022.01.22 12:43 minecrafter1OOO bandwidth ideas

is there a way to fit 100-300 kbit (per second) data stream into 5-15khz signal in any modulation way
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2022.01.22 12:43 Left-Habit-1323 my entire relationship was a lie

repost-as I accidentally got scared he would see it and deleted it earlier.
Early last year I was in my final term of university and had downloaded dating apps to pass the time. Around mid-March I matched with X. We talked on the app and he asked me out on a date. I was busy doing my essays so I told him I would reach out once I am done and we swapped numbers. A month later-end of April I texted him asking if he wanted to go on that date. He agreed. The date went well, we connected instantly and at the end he asked for a kiss. I was ecstatic as that was the first date I had ever been on and I liked him. He seemed gentle and sincere to me in his manner. X told me he was going to take on a job in Europe at the end of October.
I had my dissertation to do so I told him we would meet for a second date in Mid-May. Once I was done he asked me if I was free. I said yes and he said once he was back from cornwall we would meet. The second date was lovely and from mid-may we started dating and meeting up weekly. I had never been in a relationship before as I never found anyone I truly enjoyed spending time with and felt had shared values, until I met X. At the start of July I decided to establish exclusivity. We both agreed that once he left in October we would end our relationship, but I told him I only felt comfortable progressing physically (as I was new to this side of things) and emotionally if we were exclusive. He agreed to this wholeheartedly and had told me before then that I was the only one he had met up with/pursuing from the apps. From then on I believed we were exclusively together and dating.
I adored X. He felt sincere, honest and gentle. I loved the jokes we had, things we shared and conversations and by the time he left had fallen in love with him. We agreed to part ways as friends and for a month after he left we still conversed by text/call but as friends.
However I always felt like there was some distance between us that I could not explain. I felt like a secret sometimes as he never introduced me to friends/family-the one time his family was home I was hidden away. I told him that day that I felt like a secret but he said this was the normal dynamic and that I couldn’t be a secret as they were just upstairs. When we agreed to exclusivity he told me he had an ex of 4 years from university who he broke up with last year (in actuality it was 6 months prior) and that they still texted. I assumed this was just happy birthday texts which I didn’t mind. In September I saw his ex’s name on a calendar and asked him about it. He said they meet every 1-2 months for a coffee. I told him I was hurt he lied and that he has to tell me whenever he sees her, but that I don’t mind them meeting as I trusted his character. He agreed to this.
I took things slow on the physical front. For a while I told him I didn’t want to sleep with him as I felt him leaving made it too intense of a thing to do (and frankly I personally didn’t feel secure with him yet). I told him if he didn’t like this he could happily leave and I wouldn’t be upset as I understand sex is important to any relationship. He said he was fine with this and just loved spending time with me. A few weeks after I felt more secure as we spent more time together intimately. I told him and I felt secure and trusted him to be my first time. I thought it was a really special moment and felt glad it was with him. The next day he went to Scotland for two weeks, he said he went with his male friend . Once he came back we continued our physical relationship.
Throughout the relationship I always felt insecure about his ex (23F), but assumed it was because I was new to relationships. A month after he left by complete chance a friend of mine came across a photo of X posted by his ex from the two week holiday he said he had done with a male friend. I was shocked. I called X who lied and said he only met her for one day. I called him the next day and said I had more evidence but he still lied and said it was for two days. He never apologised for lying. I told him I was done because he had lied too much. Two days of silence later I sent him an email saying how hurt I was that someone I loved so purely had lied to me and that the evidence still didn’t match with his statements. I demanded an apology and he gave me one and said he will call me the next day.
It turns out: X had broken up with his ex (Y) in October 2020. In March X met Y to talk over their relationship. Y wanted to be friends and X agreed. During March X made a move and told Y he loved her and wanted her back. At the end of March he asked me on a date. From March-October X was publicly dating Y, who re-met his family/friends and Y believed they were exclusively together again. They went to Cornwall together and Scotland and were in an emotional and physical relationship. Throughout this entire time X had privately been dating me too. He made us both believe we were his girlfriends and lived a double-life. He did this for 6 months in totality. We both loved him and held a torch for him once he left.
Both myself and Y have now completely cut contact with him.
I am heartbroken. I feel incredibly dirty to be kept a secret, and feel confused because he was my first love and I adored him so much. To me he felt like both my love but also a friend who brought me so much happiness. I loved spending time with him. I find it so difficult to separate the person I thought X was (sincere, loving, honest) to the reality of who he is. I feel incredibly violated that my first time was such a lie, the security was never there and that he just agreed to exclusivity to progress things with me. I feel so used and even though he told me he had fallen for me I fail to believe he ever cared about me at all-which feels heartbreaking to come to terms with. I am so scared to date again and wish things were how they once were-though that was always a complete lie. It is also difficult knowing I never had a day where he wasn’t cheating on me-my entire relationship was fabricated.
How do I move forward from here? How do I feel about this all?
TL:DR: Boyfriend had two relationships for 6 months-cheating on us both. How do I cope with this? How do I move from here?
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2022.01.22 12:42 EnvironmentalAd3673 Did anyone have to continue on diamox after VP shunt placement ?

I had my VP shunt put in mid December, and after the surgery I was still on 2 g/day of diamox, after my first follow up they started to reduce the diamox, once I was on a lower dose the symptoms starting to come back so they brought me back up to 1 g/day. With this amount I still have some symptoms (mild but present). I am wondering if anyone else has delt with this? I know my neurosurgeon needs to dial in the correct pressure drainage for the shunt and maybe that isn't set correctly yet, and that over draining is more dangerous than under.
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2022.01.22 12:42 supermill Netlist Daily Discussion 1/22/22

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2022.01.22 12:42 Syllogism19 Fixing Cricket matches is no Crime. Hot Seat or Cool Throne?

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2022.01.22 12:42 ZoolShop United Flight Turns Back After Israel Passengers 'Riot' in Business Class

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2022.01.22 12:42 anblac Does the Hircines ring and saviors hide glitch still work?

Does the Hircines ring and saviors hide glitch still work?
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