Sitting on the railing

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2022.01.22 12:34 mr_jaybone Sitting on the railing

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2022.01.22 12:34 predicktable_x Labor Law: Labor Department sues Georgia employer who paid fired employee in 91,500 oil-covered pennies

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2022.01.22 12:34 Mgchan Besties

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2022.01.22 12:34 rabengeieradlerstein Which celebrity do you think is secretly a furry?

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2022.01.22 12:34 _SqUaRkI_ I build smoll house hope you will like it

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2022.01.22 12:34 vcanas What are these red round spots? Slightly itchy and scaly and have been spreading for about a month or so. Thanks in advance!

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2022.01.22 12:34 discreep ☺ two cuties

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2022.01.22 12:34 SteampunkOtter Nothing Shines like Polished Silver

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2022.01.22 12:34 pansai_ Calling all full-time workers with severe depression

So I’m 19 turning 20 in a few months and went straight into working full time instead of college because I absolutely can’t handle further education nor afford it. I’ve been doing mid shift so I have time to spend with my partner at the end of the work day, but after working I’m not only physically drained, but I’m also emotionally and socially exhausted. I work 40+ hours a week with two days off, sometimes not consecutively. I find most days that I don’t even have the strength dress up how I used to like. I wear what’s appropriate for work and then come home to wear sweatpants and a hoodie all day. On my days off it’s the same. I can’t work up the strength to dress up for our dates or even just for me to go out alone that day if I even get that far. Has anyone found a routine or mentality that works to get you moving and motivated? I hate to make my partner feel like I don’t have the energy for them, because I really do want to spend time with them and actually enjoy it. I just can’t kick this tiredness and mental exhaustion no matter what I try.
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2022.01.22 12:34 wikiwiki98 [AMAZON] ASUS Vivobook 15 M513UA 15.6 Inch Full HD OLED Laptop (AMD Ryzen 7-5700U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Windows 11) [ Price: £699.99(18% OFF)

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2022.01.22 12:34 CloseFlowRacc Cursed_T-800???

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2022.01.22 12:34 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NM Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
ScribeAmerica Medical Scribe Alamogordo
Check 'n Go Customer Service Representative FT Alamogordo 507 Alamogordo
Albrighton Pharmacy Certified Pharmacy Technician Anthony
City of Anthony NM Assistant Clerk Anthony
Little Caesars Crew Member Belen
CollabFirst Tower Technician Apprentice- US Veterans Wanted Bernalillo
Advanced Optometric Concepts Optometric Medical Assistant Bernalillo
Embry Health CNA - COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Site Bernalillo
Seven Point Farms Cannabis Cultivation Assistant - Full Time Bosque
CCS Global Tech Cyber Security Analyst Cannon Afb
Blakes Lotaburger Crew Member Store 80 Clovis NM Clovis
Compass Made Administrative Assistant Deming
Enchantment Equitreks Barn Help Edgewood
Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, Inc. Administrative Assistant Espanola
DTT Sand & Gravel Office Assistant Espanola
Louisiana Energy Services Llc Container Handler II Eunice
Dungarvin Direct Support Professional / Caregiver Gallup
ProxyPics ProxyPics - Photograph Properties for Real Estate Purposes - Freelance Grants
Cibola General Hospital Health Screener Grants
Check 'n Go Customer Service Representative (Grants, NM) Grants
Firehouse Subs - Hobbs Team Member Hobbs
WaFd Bank Bank Teller Hobbs
Rogue Industrial Group Electrical Field Technician Jal
Galactic Network Integrators, INC Help Desk Tech Kirtland Afb
MECA Therapies, LLC Human Resources Director Las Cruces
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nm. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.01.22 12:34 tawnyfriend my SICK! review

This album was short, simple, and sweet. I honestly haven't listened to any Earl past his 2015 project, "I Don't Like Shit, I Dont Go Outside". I definitely feel like his sound changed a bit since then. Although this album wasn't anything special for me, it was a nice listen and made me want to go back and revisit his documentary. Overall, I think his flow and consistent bars are what carries the most weight. I have always enjoyed the way Earl sounds when he raps. I would like to hear him over something crazy. I didn't really click with half of the instrumentals on the album. Imagine hearing a world changing collab album from Earl and a well-known producer. #mindblowing What did you think of the album? Did it meet or exceed your expectations? Let's talk!
Favorite Tracks? - Old Friend - 2010 - Vision
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2022.01.22 12:34 EugeneWong318 Diversions, weak, they’re flailing.

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2022.01.22 12:34 ultimateusername69 Getting into a relationship

I'm (15M) she's (16F), we talk n get along pretty well, perhaps I'm a red flag (hopefully I'm not) but she certainly isnt. Before 3 days ago, we would only have the occasional chat at school but for the past 3 days, we've learnt quite a bit about 1 another n I found that I'm interested in all of the same stuff she's into. Were both leaning towards being introverted. She's been in ≥1 relationships, I've been in 0. I have no idea how to tell if a girl is interested but she does build on conversations so does anyone have any suggestions on how I could intrigue her or how do I 'make a move'?
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2022.01.22 12:34 the_urbanl3g3nd Weird bug + new war spoiler

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2022.01.22 12:34 North_Personality150 Zwei Anmerkungen zur Folge "Rot" :

  1. Der regenbogenfisch wurde gemobbt, weil er wegen seiner Glitzerschuppen zu schön war. Er hat dann jedem Fisch eine Schuppe abgegeben, damit sie nicht mehr neidisch sind. Danach waren sie nett zu ihm. Fragwürdige Message?!
  2. Es gibt bereits Blindenponys!
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2022.01.22 12:34 Daffy3412 Old cake recipe

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2022.01.22 12:34 NapTimeFapTime What should I keep in my truck to prevent getting stuck in the snow?

Do yall have any recommendations for folding shovels, chains, traction boards, or anything else I can keep in the truck during the winter to help me out in case I get stuck in the snow?
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2022.01.22 12:34 MidnightCallie hey

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2022.01.22 12:34 Charlesinrichmond Will No One Post The Daily Daily

Yet again our predicted 12" has fizzled out. How will you be spending the day, aside from righting your knocked over lawn chairs?
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2022.01.22 12:34 awesomeweles Exporting logs from installer

The net installer sometimes has network driver issues. At the moment, iwlwifi isn't working on the laptop and my the killeralink ethernet isn't getting detected on my desktop.
On the pre-graphical installer screens, I know how to bring up the kernel messages and take a photo, but this isn't ideal for bug reporting.
What's the best solution? 2nd usb stick and copy log files to it or is there a better way?
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2022.01.22 12:34 georeddit2018 Finance question on mariage

I was having a conversation with my girlfriend about finance and marriage. I have been honest with her that I don't see the reason why we need permission from government to be together but she still want to be married legally maybe in court.
She currently have a good job and make good money but she has a student loan of about 100k. During the conversation, she told me that when we get married, I will also be automatically responsible for her student loan payment. I also have a student loan of about 10k which I have been paying back. But I will never hold her responsible for the loan I had before we even meet.
I have an epiphany that her expectation about the loan isn't right and I want to know your thoughts and advice on this.
Thank you.
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2022.01.22 12:34 clwel Subreddit that Disagrees with LGBTQ and Non-binary ideology

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2022.01.22 12:34 murph_the_smurph Can you help me identify which Jericho this is? Bought from a cop decades ago

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